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Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation - Egypt

Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation,
Undersecretary of State for Afforestation - Egypt

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR) aims at:

  • Improving the agricultural policies, including those relating to land reclamation, within the context of the national development plans, in a manner that ensures full coordination and integration at both macro and sectoral levels. At the sectoral level, the agricultural and land reclamation activities are developed according to the latest agricultural technologies and on an optimal economic ground.
  • Developing the agricultural wealth, expanding the area of the reclaimed land and maximizing the rural economy, using every possible proper means.

MALR assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Laying down general policies in the fields of agriculture, land reclamation and horizontal expansion nationwide, within the framework of the State's general goals. This is particularly done through planning for the programs of reclaimable land survey, based on water resources defined by MPWWR, within the context of land reclamation programs agreed upon between the two Ministries.
  • Studying ways and means of provisioning the requirements of agriculture and land reclamation, increasing the efficiency ofresource allocation and use (land, water and livestock ), and monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of development projects so as to ensure the attainment of the State's goals in the field of agricultural production.
  • Drawing-up a general policy for agricultural cooperation and the use of desert and reclaimed lands according to the provisions of the law; and coordinating among the various agencies to ensure speedy and accurate performance in the agricultural and land reclamation activities.
  • Conducting research and studies for developing plant, animal and fish production; and outlining the agro-industries policies in thc new expansion areas. MALR will always promote, through extension activities, the findings of applied research by such means as seminars, workshops and national and international conferences. It will also provide technical advice to individuals and corporate bodies in Egypt and the friendly countries.
  • Drawing-up rehabilitation policies for thc reclaimed lands with a view to re-distribute the population pressure presently concentrated in the Nile Valley and Delta; and expanding the agricultural cooperation and credit system to cover the entire rural Egypt.
  • Developing the rural communities and raising the standard of living of the Egyptian peasantry through enhancing the rural economy by such means as mechanized agriculture and cost-effective production.
  • Studying joint ventures and agro-industrial projects in the new lands, formulating and concluding domestic and international contractual agreements in this regard and overviewing implementation thereof by the competent sectors of MALR.

Arid Lands Expertise at the Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation

  • Supports new lands development
  • Establishes wind breaks
  • Promotes afforestation to improve local habitats
  • Operates training facilities for national and international audiences in the areas of management

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