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Middle East Peace Process

Through its support of collaborative scientific research projects, the IALC has often acted as a "bridge to understanding," bringing together scientists from diverse countries in the Middle East to work on regional ecological and development issues. The links below have been selected as a further "bridge to understanding," by providing information on the Middle East Peace Process.


Government-sponsored sites

U.S. State Department, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs: The Middle East Peace Process
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the Mideast Peace Process
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel Update
Includes a section on late-breaking news concerning the Peace Process.
Egypt State Information Service
From the Egyptian Ministry of Information, general information and background on the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Jordan National Information System
This official government site includes information on several topics including (but not restricted to) agriculture, geography (including GIS maps), environment, natural resources, and scientific research.
The Palestinian National Authority
Information on the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Non-government sites

Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation
Since its founding in 1989, "the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation has sponsored numerous activities aimed at bringing policy makers and influential leaders in the private sector together to foster the atmosphere necessary for the promotion and protection of Middle East peace."
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Established in 1979, the FMEP is "a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and assisting in a peaceful solution that brings security for both peoples."
Givat Haviva Institute for Advanced Studies
"Givat Haviva Institute is one of the oldest and largest institutions in Israel working to advance Jewish - Arab rapprochement, cultural and religious pluralism, democratic values and peace in the Middle East."
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
A non-profit service from JordanNet, this site currently focuses on politics and human rights; includes the full text of the October 26th 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel.
The Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information
"IPCRI, founded in Jerusalem in 1989, is the only joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank in the world. It is devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
Jews and Palestinians Cooperate for Peace
The Middle East Schools Project
These two pages are from the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, who are U.S. citizens working to promote peace between Israel and Palestine. The first describes the group's formation and activities; the second describes a project the group has initiated.
Seeds of Peace
There are nearly 4,000 young Seeds of Peace leaders making a positive difference in some of the most difficult conflict regions of the world. This organization helps give them experience and skills to support them in their development as peacemakers.


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