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Note: All pictures taken by Dr. John Nicholaides, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Permission is granted to reuse these pictures for private and educational uses only, as long as proper attribution is given.


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Menachem Sachs

Slide No. 1:
Dr. Menachem Sachs, Tour Organizer Extraordinaire (file size 24K).

patchiness explained

Slide No. 8:
Southern Israel: Patchiness Research Explained (file size 34K)

Tour leaders

Slide No. 2:
Tour leaders John and Gwynne Nicholaides (file size 43K)

Opuntia research

Slide No. 9:
Southern Israel: Opuntia Cactus Research (file size 40K)

Northern Israel Nursery

Slide No. 3:
Northern Israel: Northern Israel Nursery (file size 43K)

Maktesh Ramon

Slide No. 10:
Southern Israel: Maktesh Ramon Crater (file size 47K)

Baram Forest

Slide No. 4:
Northern Israel: Baram Forest (file size 27K)

Eschol Park

Slide No. 11:
Southern Israel: Eschol Park (file size 37K)

Mycorrhizal research

Slide No. 5:
Mycorrhizal research, one-on-two (file size 33K)

Yatir Forest

Slide No. 12:
Southern Israel: Yatir Forest (file size 39K)

Eshtaol tree nursery

Slide No. 6:
Central Israel: Eshtaol Tree Nursery (file size 33K)

Yatir Forest 1-on-1

Slide No. 13:
Yatir Forest One-on-One (file size 36K)

patchiness field plots

Slide No. 7:
Southern Israel: Patchiness Research Field Plots (file size 42K)

Dead Sea Float

Slide No. 14:
"The Dead Sea Float" (file size 25K)



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