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EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal of the World Resources Institute

Daniel B. Turnstall


The World Resources Institute seeks to meet global challenges by using knowledge to catalyze public and private action. As an environmental think tank, we do this in part, by working to guarantee public access to information and decisions regarding natural resources and the environment. Over the last two decades, WRI has provided environmental data and indicators to a broad set of users. Today, WRI provides this information in the form of an electronic searchable database allowing you to search for and retrieve information that spans over half a century of environmental data. The portal allows users to search by country, region, variable, and year, and to view results online or download them for later use with spatial displays including maps and graphics. In collaboration with IALC, we will now post information on dryland ecosystems. This map-rich analysis will present global and regional-level data on drylands from the perspective of human livelihoods and their interactions with ecosystem goods and services. The maps and discussion of selected dryland goods and services will include analysis of dryland biodiversity conservation as well as soil and water conditions and trends.



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