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General agriculture and farming

Plants in agriculture (including botany, horticulture, crop management...)

  • Plant Stress
    Coping with plant environmental stress is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. The purpose of this Website is to serve as a brokerage of information, a meeting place, a consultation facility and a source for professional update on the most important issues of plant environmental stress.
  • SEPASAL: Survey of Economic Plants of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
    SEPASAL is a major economic botany database on useful plants of drylands, developed and maintained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Registration is required to use the database.
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service: Cropping Systems Research Lab
    Located in the dry plains of West Texas, this laboratory currently focuses on drylands-relevant research including plant stress/germplasm development, wind erosion/water conservation, and cotton production/processing.

Animals in agriculture (including range management...)

  • Forage Information System (Oregon State University)
    Links to worldwide forage-related information. Not specifically drylands-oriented, but much information here will be of interest to drylands range managers and researchers.
  • Global Livestock CRSP
    Working to improve food security and quality of life in developing countries through collaborative partnerships with US land-grant institutions and national and international agencies.

Pests and pest management

  • Africa: The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE)
    Based in Nairobi, and with a particular focus on Africa, this advanced research institute works to develop technologies to alleviate poverty and to ensure food security and good health for tropical peoples through management and control of both harmful and useful arthropods.
  • International: USDA Whitefly Knowledgebase
    Whiteflies attack many crops grown in arid and semi-arid lands. This database covers the whitefly life cycle from egg to adult, host range, plant damage, and pest control management.

Soils and soil management

  • US: National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory
    Provides access to free software for modeling water erosion (Water Erosion Prediction Project) and accessing crop information (Crop Parameter Intelligent Database System).
  • US/Mexico: Soil Ecology & Restoration Group, San Diego State University
    Research focusing on ecosystem dynamics of drylands--especially soils and belowground processes--primarily in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
  • US: United States Salinity Laborary (USSL)
    A National Laboratory for basic research on the chemistry, physics, and biology of salt-affected soil-plant-water systems.
  • World Soil Resources: Map Index
    From the US Department of Agriculture's office of Natural Resources Conservation Service, the World Soil Resources Map-Index Website contains nineteen global maps as well as several regional and country maps related to soil. The global maps include such topics as Global Soil Regions, Soil Temperature Regimes, Water Holding Capacity, and Wind Erosion; the regional maps contain information from Afghanistan, Lithuania, and Indonesia. Each map contains information on its specifications and source, and can be viewed online or downloaded as a high quality bitmap (.bmp) file.

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