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Health: food security, nutrition, demographics

  • AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology
    Develops solutions to the everyday information needs of health professionals working in communities where AIDS and malaria are common place, but medical journals and the Internet are an unaffordable luxury. Through innovative applications of information and communication technology, we break down barriers to information access. Provides Essential Health Links, a resource of more than 700 useful websites for health professionals, medical library communities, publishers, and NGOs in developing and emerging countries.
  • Food and Assistance Technical Assistance (FANTA)
    The Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project (FANTA) supports integrated food security and nutrition programming to improve the health and well being of women and children. The ten-year project is managed by the Academy for Educational Development and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). FANTA-2 continues a 10-year initiative as the main USAID mechanism designed to improve nutrition and food security policy, strategy and programming. FANTA-2 field support activities strengthen the design and quality of country strategies, policies and programs, and inform and build on FANTA-2 global leadership activities that integrate the latest evidence base and operational experience into U.S. Government (USG) and international organization strategies, policies and guidelines.
  • FAO Special Programme for Food Security
    Helps governments replicate successful food security practices on a national scale. The SPFS also encourages investment in rural infrastructure, off-farm income generation, urban agriculture and safety nets.
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
    CCP recognizes that an individual's health can be affected by the socio-political environment, the health service delivery system, community networks, spouses and other family members, and individual behavior. Its largest project — the USAID-supported Health Communication Partnership (HCP) — works across these levels as it addresses a wide spectrum of health issues, including HIV/AIDS, safe motherhood, child survival, reproductive health, infectious diseases as well as related areas such as environment, clean water, community participation, and democracy and governance.

Habitat: building, energy, water, waste management

  • IISD Linkages: a multimedia resource for environment and development policy makers
    Provides links to view the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Reporting Services' daily coverage of conferences and international meetings on habitat and human settlements, social development, population and development, and women's issues. Many include a summary and analysis of each meeting, plus digital coverage with photographs and Real Audio recordings.
  • The Solar Cooking Archive
    Solar ovens make excellent sense in many drylands regions; this site contains extensive information, including numerous downloadable plans for inexpensive solar ovens.
  • UNEP Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics
    "Environmentally Sound Technologies in wastewater treatment for the implementation of the
    UNEP Global Programme of Action (GPA)", based upon the "Recommendations for Decision-making on Municipal Wastewater: Practical Policy Guidance for Implementing the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (GPA) on Sewage" (Version 10 November 2000).


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